Gracious Living!

The Portuguese brought to Goa the magnificence of the West and the might of a nation at the height of it's imperial power. It was the Portuguese who inspired the Goans to build elegant mansions inspired by Italian, Austrian and French lines.

Leisure had brought luxury which in the nineteenth century was carried indoors. Skilled Indian craftsmen created unique Luso-Indian furniture, with it's distinctive style featuring dark wood, intricate inlay work and elaborate carving of foliate, flowers, animals and fruit. Chandeliers twinkled first with candles then with bulbs, stained glass windows altered the lighting, azulejos (hand painted Portuguese tiles) gave rooms a character of their own, brass lamps from Belgium illuminated bedside tables, blue and white Staffordshire plates adorned the walls and dining tables. Oratario's (oratory) were adorned with wooden statues, guilded saints ecclesiastical ivories and crucifixes of walrus ivory or elephant ivory from East Africa

The Goan home had been redefined - a place not only to live in but to live in graciously"